Friday, June 20, 2008

Virginia 100th Expected, NC/VA Walk, Annual Fast &Vigil

As we move into the weekend I want to call your attention to two matters:

#1 - Next week we expect Virginia will have its 100th execution. Please think about who you know and where you will be this weekend where you can ask people of like-minds to call Governor Kaine to ask him to stop the execution.

#2 - A group of abolitionists from North Carolina and Virginia are in the midst of their walk through Virginia to the U.S. Supreme Court. They entered Virginia today at about 2pm and will be proceeding up Rt. 301 all the way into Richmond , setting a pace of about 20 miles each day.

If you would like to offer hospitality as they move north, or join with them for an hour or a day or more, please call Scott Bass at 312-401-3713. Also, they are in need of someone willing to provide and drive a support vehicle on Sunday, Monday and Tuesday as they approach Richmond. If this is something you might consider, please call Scott at 312-401-3713.

This group will double back to be with us at the prison when we protest the execution on Wednesday, and they are on their way to the 15th Annual Fast & Vigil at the US Supreme Court. They are getting good local media coverage and meeting and organizing people all along the way. Again, if you can offer support, please do.

Have an excellent weekend, and we'll be in touch next week in advance of the 100th execution. From Betty Gallagher VADP

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