Saturday, January 03, 2009

As we pledge our resolutions for the new year ...

... Let us not forget to pray and work for the the following men whom are scheduled to be murdered by the state in the first 5 months 2009.

Many of these men will die without ceremony or anyone caring.

Most of these men have no major support structure and will just be killed by the death mongers whom feel they have the right to kill other human beings. Human beings who just happen to be a different race or in most cases too poor hire a competent defense attorney.

As we know from past statistics, some of these men will be innocent.

Unless we stop these executions it will mean 21 more families devastated by becoming victims of our justice system.

As we make our new years resolutions we know we still have a struggle in front of us. Let us try to save as many of these men as possible as we continue our quest to end the death penalty for ever.

14* Curtis Moore Texas
15* Jose Briseno Texas
15* James Callahan Alabama
21* Frank Moore Texas
22* Reginald Perkins Texas
22* Darwin Brown Oklahoma
27 Larry Swearingenn Texas
28* Virgil Martinez Texas
29* Ricardo Ortiz Texas

4* David Martinez Texas
4* Steve Henley Tennessee
12* Johnnie Johnson Texas
12* Danny Joe Bradley Alabama

3* Jeffrey Hill Ohio
3* Willie Pondexter Texas
10* James Martinez Texas
11* Luis Salazar Texas
19* Phillip Haliford Alabama

7* Brett Hartman Ohio
16* Jimmy Lee Dill Alabama

14* Willie McNair Alabama

Ronald Keine

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