Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Uganda: Letter of Gratitude from Edward Mpagi

Also uses the name: mpagi edmary

Edward was with The Journey of Hope when we were in Texas and worked with Amnesty International as well...

Dear Connie (and The Journey of Hope)

Am very happy to hear from you ,thank you for your kind response.

I appreciate the good work you are doing to end the death penalty .

About my life:

Once again thanks to Journey of Hope and Amnesty International for medical support they gave me while I was in US ,I have never experienced any pain after the operation, my life is good.

About my work:

Am happy after my campaigns with amnesty at the UN, The UN voted for a moratorium on death penalty among the UN member states, a big step in the abolition fight.

Am happy to tell you that my story of how I was convicted innocently for alleged murder of a person who was found to be alive, WON A LOCAL TV AWARD a big step in the abolition fight in Uganda.

Ever since I petitioned the constitution court, the state has not executed any inmate since 1999 when it executed 28 inmates, a big step in the abolition fight.

I managed to link up Kathy Chism a good friend ,and founder of Dream One World Inc based in California .


We are working on construction of a school to benefit the disadvantaged children in Uganda , including the kids of death row inmates, victims of aids disease.

Our construction plans are in progress, though we are deeply affected by the global economic crisis.

After my trip to US and Italy I have heard interviews with local radio and TV stations

My testimony has been heard all over Uganda ,and now more people are aware of the existence and dangers of death penalty .

I managed to have interview with BBC world services with Ray Kroone, speaking about the evils of death penalty, millions of people across the globe listened to our programme.

I organized a Christmas party for the disadvantaged children; they played together, sung songs of hope, and spoke to them about how God loves them, it will be an annual party.

Thank you Connie

Best regards


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