Sunday, March 21, 2010

Hank Skinner Case: MORE Talking points, etc. from Sandrine

THIS ACTION IS PRIMARLY FOR TEXANS AND AMERICANS!! from Sandrine (Yet, go below and SEE last few posts also to see how you may help by empathy and more...AND ALL can keep getting out the word! Connie )

This is also from Sandrine:

Hank's clemency petition is seeking a commutation of Hank's death sentence to life in prison in order to enable him to prove his innocence and seek a pardon.


Governor Rick Perry
Office of the Governor
P.O. Box 12428
Austin, Texas 78711-2428
Fax: 512-463-1849

Main number: 512-463-2000

Website email contact form GO here

and/or use the online letter signing page set up by the Innocence Project GO here


All the details of the case are available on the website, however, here are some of the points you can raise:

Hank was sentenced to die on the basis of a perjured testimony and circumstancial evidence

The accusation theory relied on that one witness, who later recanted and explained how she was threatened to make a false statement to the police and give a deposition at trial which was based on a script supplied by the district attorney's office

Both the State's star witnesses (Andrea Reed & Howard Mitchell) have testified that they believe Hank to be innocent

The little forensic analysis done before his trial excluded him as the killer

The additional and minimum testing done during his post conviction appeals excluded him too

The available scientific evidence proves his physical incapacitation at the time of the crime

The important quantity of evidence remaining to be tested is essential to reveal the truth about his innocence

His motions for DNA testing have been denied although he has always offered to pay for the costs

The state of Texas has a very poor record in terms of wrongful convictions and DNA exonerations

The interest of justice is to find out the truth and to not execute an innocent

The state is withholding the untested evidence that can prove Hank's innocence

All three of the previous D.A.s have publicly stated that they believe the evidence needs to be tested

The D.A. has admitted in Ch 64 DNA pleadings that the evidence is in a condition making testing possible, that the chain of custody has been maintained, that the evidence is capable of providing a probative result and idendity is an issue in Hank's case

Texas should not execute a man it does not know for a fact to be guilty. After Andrea Reed's recantation, according to the state own's experts, the remaining evidence does nothing to prove guilt at all. The A.G has stated through his spokesman that it would violate the constitution to murder someone who is innocent - that has got to apply equally to someone they do not know for a fact to be guilty

Both petitions (commutation and reprieve) as well as three statements attached to the petitions can be dowloaded in the "legal documents" section of the website.

hankskinner dot org or GO here



Skeptical Juror said...

Barry Scheck has asked that the DNA be tested before Hank is executed.

The Innocence Project has asked that the DNA be tested before Hank is executed.

Seven death row exonerees have asked that the DNA be tested before Hank is executed.

Sam Millsap, the DA who won a death sentence for Ruben Cantu, the DA who now believes Ruben Cantu was innocent, asked that the DNA be tested before Hank is executed.

The Medill Innocence Project has offered to bear the cost of the testing.

An Arizona DNA testing firm has offered to conduct the testing for free.

Hank Skinner will not be one of the many guilty people Texas executes. He will be one of the relatively few innocent people Texas executes. He will join the likes of Ruben Cantu, Cameron Todd Willingham, Shaka Sankofa (aka Gary Graham), Johnny Frank Garrett, David Wayne Spence, and others too numerous to list here.

This is too sad to contemplate.

Connie L. Nash said...

THANX so much for your concise and horrifying comment! I reposted as a BLOGPOST top of this site!