Wednesday, March 24, 2010

TEXAS: OPEN short message to Gov. Rick Perry

REMEMBER the legacy we all will leave behind for our children and the children of our city, our state, our country and for the Creator....I doubt if we'll have the opportunity to do this over again. Remember the other "mistakes" of innoncents executed...what a difficulty for so many to have to go through that! Surely that bothered your heart and conscience as well and reminded all that the ACTUAL guy who did the crime may still "out there" on the loose? The REAL criminal may also still be "out there" so how does this keep women children and any others safe from those who committing the ACTUAL crime? How does executing Hank without everyone knowing he REALLY did it keep people in Texas secure? How will anyone know unless you allow this DNA? My children ask me about these things....what do I tell them? Don 't your children and doesn't your wife ask you? What do you tell THEM?

Connie L. Nash
The Journey of Hope

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