Thursday, May 13, 2010

NEW GCADP (German Coalition to Abolish the Death Penalty) HOMEPAGE!

ALL POSSIBLE PRAISES (and more) GO TO this angel-wizard SUSANNE CARDONA who has done such a stellar job putting this Website together!!!

SEE the GCADP's NEW WEBPAGE and more here

This has been created by our JOH Family member, the CO-BLOGGER here on this the JOH blog (as well as my dear understanding friend!)

Watch for more from/on this NEW website in the days - weeks - and months ahead.

Meantime, Tell Susanne what you think? Get out the word and use it for your own lists, Sites, Groups and for your WORK!

Watch for some photos and select items from this site to be posted SOON! Wish I could post these now but need to wait...yet couldn't fail to get this news out!

Here's just a sample page:


Capital Punishment worldwide

World-wide, people are still being hanged, shot or gased to death, poisoned by lethal injection, stoned to death, decapitated or executed by other means.

In the year 2009 at least 714 human beings plus ‘thousands of people’ in China, according to numbers of Amnesty International, were executed. And the figure for sentenced to death was 2001 people again plus ‘thousands’ in China. Amnesty International does not give any numbers concerning China since the country still treats the death penalty like a state secret and there are no official numbers concerning executions and death sentences.

And countries are still very creative when it comes to offenses punishable by death: These reach from murder, rape, kidnapping, treason, … to things like apostasy, adultery (which in some countries includes getting raped!) or being homosexual.

China was followed by the countries Iran (at least 388 executions), Iraq (at least 120), Saudi-Arabia (at least 69), the US (52), Yemen (30), Sudan (min. 9), Vietnam (at least 9), Syria (at least 8), Japan (7) and Egypt (at least 5)

The only European country still using capital punishment is Belarus. Since 1991, the year of the accession of power of the current gouvernment, assumingly 400 people were executed in this nation. In 2009 Belarus did not carry out any executions, therefore all of Europe was free of executions in this year. Nevertheless already in March 2010 two people were executed in Belarus.

After Burundi and Togo abolished the death penalty by law in the year 2009, today 150 nations worldwide have abolished the death penalty or at least have not carried out any execution in the past 10 years. But unfortunately there are still 46 countries and territories which keep capital punishment in their law and carried out executions in the past 10 years.

For More Stats on Death Penalty World-Wide, GO here Plz come back and tell your friends to tune in!

NOTE: Be sure to get permission from Susanne before using ANY of the photos here or on the GCADP website! THANX

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Journey Family and others, what do you think of this hard work for all of us with the review of what we know and need to review?

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