Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Stories of Forgiveness (Bill Pelke Featured in This Book)

Happiness Awaits You! by Carol Costa, Liisa Kyle, and Maggie Terry Viale here
Try to get the book and to SEE Chapter 11, The Power of Forgiveness (Holding onto anger, hate and bitterness is destructive and the healing power in letting it go. ) SEE "I am a Happy Man" by Bill Pelke first of five stories in chapter 11.

Read the Short Bio for each of the 41 Contributers here on their Intro Page - including that of Bill GO here Then click on top to see how to buy, etc.

If anyone has or gets the book, send us your favorite excerpts - esp. from Bill and/or anyone else who's stories my fit and help us all here at The Journey of Hope Blog - plz! Thanx for tuning in!

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