Thursday, May 13, 2010

Thanking everyone who helped to make this happen

First of all allow me to thank Connie for her kind words on our newly launched website. :-)

Putting together this new website of the German Coalition to Abolish the Death Penalty has only been possible because lots of people were working on it. Quite a few of the members of the GCADP have spent lots and lots of hours of work.

But we've also gotten lots of help by people who are not members of the GCADP but other people from the abolition movement. We've had help from all over the world, from Great Britain, the US, Australia ....

I'm still moved and grateful to all these people who spent hours to help an organization they don't even belong to! And I do believe that this is nothing that can be taken for granted. So THANK YOU VERY MUCH!

I've said this before and I would like to repeat it here:

I've seen lots of movements and lots of organizations working on a common cause but I've never met so many really nice and helpful people as I've done in the abolition movement. This movement does really give me the feeling of belonging to a large family with the family members really caring for each other, no matter if they've known each other before or not.

And I do feel honored and grateful to be part of this family!

Susanne Cardona
Co-Blogger to this blog and
Chairperson of the
Initiative gegen die Todesstrafe e.V.
German Coalition to Abolish the Death Penalty

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Connie L. Nash said...

This is a most beautiful thank you! I just now hope many will know about this and come visit here and often on your GCADP site...including me!