Wednesday, August 06, 2008

KADP - Kids Against the Death Penalty


Marianne said...

Oh brother, how pathetic! Ok, here is what this adult learned from these children--three of them are against the death penalty because "my uncle is on it"; and one is against the death penalty for "innocent people". Gee, ya think? You mean, like the victims of people like your uncle? It was so obvious that an adult whispered in the kids ear to make sure to add that you are against the death penalty for everyone not just your uncle. These kids were obviously brainwashed by their mother and the leftist loons she surrounds them with. To the interviewer, who asked "how does that make you feel"? I feel sorry for them.

Bill Pelke said...

Hi Marianne,

I have met these kids. They are terrific young people. Under fire they have gotten a real education about the death penalty. Of course they do not want their uncle to be executed. That is only natural.

They have learned how other families also suffer when their loved one receives a death sentence. They see their pain and they know that the death penalty does not solve anything.

I think it is very courageous of these kids to stand up and try to change a system that is wrong.

Tell me that you would not feel the same way if you were a child and an uncle you loved was about to be executed.

The punishment does not fit the crime. Their uncle killed noone. They are not brainwashed, they just love their uncle. I hope they continue to fight against the death penalty so that some day kids won't have to worry about a loved one being executed. It is torchure to them. We are supposed to have laws against that in this country.