Saturday, August 02, 2008

A little more about Mike Farrell

Just a quick mention of Mike's book -Just Call Me Mike-

Here's what one legal expert has to say about the book:

" Mike Farrell proves that ferocious conviction is the organizing principle of an extraordinary life. In his memoir, Just Call Me Mike, Mike describes the fantastic, sometimes painful, and ultimately redeeming journey that his conscience has led him on. Like his life, the book dances seamlessly between his great passions--from fond memories on the M*A*S*H set, to nervous moments at military checkpoints on his way to help refugees in war-torn Central America, to scrubbing-in to real-life surgery on a prisoner of war in El Salvador. In a disarmingly honest and gentle voice, Just Call Me Mike collects an extraordinary diversity of experiences, so diverse that it's difficult to believe that one person could accomplish so much, in art and in service to others. "

--Kamala Harris, District Attorney of San Francisco

Short Bio:
Best known for his eight years on M*A*S*H and five seasons on “Providence,” actor Mike Farrell is also a writer, director and producer, his most recent project the motion picture “Patch Adams.”

A social and political activist, Farrell has served on human rights and peace delegations to El Salvador, Nicaragua, U.S.S.R., Paraguay, Chile, Israel, the Occupied Territories, Egypt, Jordan, Syria, Czechoslovakia, Somalia, Kenya, Croatia, Bosnia, Cuba, Rwanda, Zaire, Tanzania and Costa Rica.

He was co-chair of the Southern California Committee of Human Rights Watch from 1994 to 2004.

President of Death Penalty Focus since 1994, he has “visited too many death rows” and he speaks, debates, writes and coordinates efforts to stop executions across the country. (you can click on this site here under links on the right column.)

We can find a lot more available on the internet--Mike's blog, videos, speeches, etc.

Thanks Mike for ALL you are doing to connect with folk and help them and us connect with one another!

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