Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Rachel King Quote

Rachel King in a relaxed stance a few years ago.

"I have worked within the criminal justice system throughout my legal career and have seen the many ways that it is unfair. The death penalty represents the worst aspects of the criminal justice system. Instead of punishing the people who commit the worst crimes, the death penalty is used against people who are the most vulnerable – the poor, mentally retarded, mentally ill, youths and people of color. Our society has tried to administer the system “fairly” and that experiment has failed. Ending the death penalty will mark an evolutionary change when we acknowledge that government sponsored killing is not the answer to violence. I want to be part of bringing about this change." Rachel King

And Rachel, you certainly have been a strong and beautiful part of this change!

Watch for a Tribute Page sometime soon...add yours and any other photos you love of Rachel...please send these to both Bill Pelke bpelke@gci.net and Connie Nash newlease7@yahoo.com so that we will be sure not to miss these.

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