Monday, August 25, 2008

Updates on Sister Helen and Interfaith Gathering

Photo of Sister Helen

Only Democratic Convention Interfaith Event of it's kind...

In 2004, there was one interfaith lunch at the Democratic gala in Boston.

Death Penalty Opponent Sister Helen Prejean to be at ASU August 28

The death penalty in the United States "says that we are still wedded to violence as a way to solve social problems.

Rev. Leah D. Daughtry Convention CEO - posted the following... August 24, 2008 (Perhaps a Republican Abolitionist will also be represented at one of their coming televised events as we know has been the case in some areas of the US. If so, please let us know...)

"Democrats have been, are and will continue to be people of faith - and this interfaith gathering is proof of that. As Convention CEO and a pastor myself, I am incredibly proud that these esteemed leaders from the faith community (are) with us to celebrate this historic occasion and honor the diverse faith traditions inside the Democratic Party."

The Democratic National Convention Committee (hosted) the first-ever Democratic National Convention interfaith gathering, the first official event for the 2008 Convention. An interfaith gathering (was) be held at 2:00 pm MT, Sunday, August 24 at the Wells Fargo Theater, inside the Colorado Convention Center in Denver, Colo.

Bishop Charles E. Blake, presiding prelate of the Church of God In Christ, Inc. and pastor at the West Angeles Church of God in Christ; Dr. Ingrid Mattson, president of the Islamic Society of North America; Sister Helen Prejean, social activist and author of "Dead Man Walking;" and Rabbi Tzvi Weinreb, executive vice president of the Orthodox Union, (led) the event.

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