Saturday, October 04, 2008

Montana Journey of Hope 2008
Who is coming?

Let's start with the exonerated. Shujaa Graham (California), Juan Melendez (Florida), Greg Wilhoit (Oklahoma, Ron Keine (New Mexico) and Journey newcomer Curtis McCarty (Oklahoma) are coming. Death row family members are represented by Terri Steinburg (son Justin on death row in VA), Delia Perez Meyer (brother Louis on death row in Texas), and CeCe McWee (who witnessed the execution of her son Jerry). David Kaczynski, brother of Unabomber Ted, who was captured in Montana and subject of the federal government seeking the death penalty.

We will be speaking with a group of 10 teams. Speaking for the murder victim families are Marietta Jaeger Lane (daughter Susie kidnapped and murdered in Montana when she was 7 years old), Bud Welch (daughter Julie Marie was killed in the Oklahoma City bombing), Ron Carlson (Sister Debbie was killed by Karla Faye Tucker), Art Laffin (brother Paul was killed by a mentally ill man is 1999), George White (wife Charlene was shot twice and died in George's arms), Rev. Walt Everett (son Scott was murdered), Eve Malo (grandfather was killed by family member), Eddie Hicks (daughter was killed), Bess Klassen Landis (mother was killed), JA Ziegler Sr. and yours truly.

Joining us in various capacities are Charlie King and Karen Brandow. What a special treat it is for Charlie and Karen to join us again this year.

Barbara Allen, who uncle was executed in Texas, will also be joining us from Canada to help out, Ron Carlson's wife, Debra, and Walt Everett's wife Nancy will come along to keep an eye on their husbands, and Bob Lane will be keeping his eye on Marietta. Kathy Harris will also join us for a few days. Jo Royston from England will cross water to also help us out.

We are hoping that it will work out for Abe Bonowitz, Beth Wood and Connie Nash to come.

MVFHR, MVFR, Witness to Innocence, NCADP and many other organizations will be represented on the Montana Journey. Thank for being part of this historic event.


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