Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Attorney is asking for help in Death Penalty case

I have handled five death penalty habeas matters. Only in one has the evidence of a client’s innocence been overwhelming, and that client is Arthur Tyler. He now stands literally at the door of the death chamber and unless people act, an innocent man will be killed by the State...

...Why did Arthur get convicted? I read the transcript and the answer is simple – he chose to testify. At the time he was a smart aleck, streetwise young Black man and the testimony he gave, while not inculpatory was cocky and offensive, to be frank. He had a criminal record, but not for violent crimes. He was a con man. He hustled pool. But he did not shoot or assault people.

He needs help. Right now the State is sealing the lips of the only individual who could save him. Arthur has appealed his case to the Supreme Court and is likely to be without any further legal redress. Ohio’s Governor can commute this sentence. Arthur needs your help. Without it, Ohio will execute an innocent man later this year.

Text by Rick Kerger, a Toledo, Ohio criminal attorney
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