Thursday, May 29, 2008

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Title: EPISODE281 - Prisoners Rights Activist Capital-"X"
Time: Today, 05/29/2008 09:00 PM EDT

Capital-"X" is a Brooklyn born Puerto Rican who now resides in the South Ward of Newark, New Jersey when he is not on tour fighting on the front lines in the war for justice. Spending nearly half of his life trapped within the web of the criminal justice system Capital-"X" transformed himself into a prisoners rights activist.

A strong opponent of capitol punishment Capital-"X" spends much of his time traveling across the US as well as over seas speaking and performing to educate and enlighten the masses on what he considers to be the truth about a corrupt and unjust legal system. Intertwining facts gathered by years of extensive study in criminology, penology, law, personal experience and the experiences of fellow captives with hip hop music "X" intoxicates audiences with what he calls Raptivism. Called the Voice of the Voiceless, Capital-"X" claims to be the spokesman for over 2.4 million captives held in US prisons.

Capital-"X" is affiliated with many organizations such as: Senza Voce, Rome Hip Hop Parade Amnesty International, NJADP, TCADP, Journey of Hope, 4Wardever and the Mikey Powell Campaign just to name a few. "X" has embarked on five European tours performing over 200 shows in 7 countries.

Raised in the streets and in prison, Capital-"X" turned his life around through his music he calls Reality Hip Hop, or Raptivism. A strong supporter for death row inmates, and activist for prison rights, Capital-"X" brings awareness to people and hope to prisoners through his music, and lyrics.


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