Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Capital "X" with Carolina Activist Connie

Capital "X" with Connie L Nash who's one of the bloggers here. I hope this photo expresses some of the great JOY (she) felt being with "X" for a few energizing days when my faith blossomed anew!

Mini-Profile on Connie Nash
Since I haven't yet offered my profile as has Susanne below (here on this blog) here's a short one: I, Connie, distribute human right information to a number of media and activist sources. I try to act on some of them as well. I am a strong abolition against the death penalty, a pacifist who believes in the "seamless web of non-violence", yet I also call for much better choices for women and others in severe poverty. I am a peace activist, a free-lance writer and am part of The Journey of Hope family. I have a marvelously-gifted physician husband and we have four amazingly unique grown children. I am most grateful to be working on this blog and to be making more visible the many stories and movements which seek alternatives to revenge. More another day.

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