Saturday, May 03, 2008


May 25th "X" plans to reach Austin. A meeting place and a time yet to be named so that activists from all over Texas, including Katia, the Walk's assistant, and others from Livingston--Texans and others--will joinin and walk the last miles to the Governor's Mansion with "X".

Once in front of the Governor House the marchers will protest the death penalty, asking the Governor to talk to them.

People are needed to join "X" and others both for the final walk as well as to BE THERE on the following day in front of the State Capitol to protest and ask for abolition.

Petitions are being organized to be signed soon. Anyone wanting to help with this should write to the "projectrevolution" email or call "X" (Andre).

Dave Atwood will be helping to organize events inHouston as well as a "tour" in schools and hip hop places for Katia and "X" to speak to the kids on May 3oth. Please contact him for a venue or to help.

A vigil is to be held in Huntsville (in front of the Death House) on Sat May 31st. Time should be about 2 pm but check back.

All the above to be updated so please keep tuning in.

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