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Walk 4 Life - Capital "X" Update

"X" Is NOT between a Rock and a Hard Place!

Intro: The more I begin to see and understand what kind of Divine Mission and Vision "X" has for this Walk 4 Life, for Texas and for his whole remaining life--the more I see that he truly is tapping from a Source we all need. So although he's between Little Rock and Texas- a truly HARD place for inmates and those with the death sentence--rest assured he's NOT between the Rock and a Hard place in his spirit.

"X" knows where he's going because he's got his "hand in the Hand"...(not too many abolition sites put things this way but somehow this feels quite appropriate for "X" and the JOH today.)

"X" thanks for your trust and for all the beautiful bleeding hearts you and the Heart of Hearts are reaching together right now!


From "X"

Seeing that assistance moving all my gear along has been such a challenge along with finding people willing and able to do road side assistance, I have had to change the game plan somewhat since I reached Alabama. This change of plan has proven to be anointed by God for it has been very effective and filled with blessings.

Tuskegee, AL was not on my route at all. I was driven there where I met with some wonderful people building what I believe were some much need bridges in this struggle. After Tuskegee where I did symbolically leave on foot--I was moved back to my original path, I was to be in Birmingham. I pretty much only walked within the city where I could be seen and where I can meet and speak to people. This was great seeing I spoke to flocks of folks from attending a church service at Mary's hospitality house speaking to all those who attended, to speaking to members of the local "Bloods" gang who are against the death penalty let me add. I accumulated many miles walking.

My family drove to Birmingham from NC and helped me reach Jasper which is where I was stranded after they had left. I walked up and down the highway in Jasper which was ok to keep my daily miles up, but I didn't get to reach but a few hand fulls of folks.

Anyway an angel volunteered to drive near 9 hours from Rogers, Arkansas to help me. With my walked miles I had more than enough miles in to be driven to Tupelo, Mississippi which was good because it was nothing but open farm land. Together Jennifer and I planned out our attacks. We hit the area where Elvis was born first talking to tourists and locals alike. We then went to the busiest road in Tupelo,Mississippi where I spent the day walking this road being seen by a few thousand people. Jen alerted me that from Tupelo to Little Rock there was nothing but lonely roads. If she was to leave me, I would have been in a bad situation.

She suggested I move on ahead with her to be secure so we drove on after my day of walking was over. We hit Tennessee for a bit (which Tennessee wasn't on my route so this was a plus). Let me tell you, she was not lying about the route to Arkansas. There weren't even cows on these roads. Not a good route to be on all alone. She payed for a night's stay and then the next morning I crossed over into Little Rock on foot. This put me a bit ahead of schedule but all for the better of the walk. I was only in Little Rock a couple hours when I was met by KARK News 4. I appeared on the 5, 10 and 11pm news.

I spent the entire day meeting people in downtown Little Rock. Again after the day was done Jennifer payed for a hotel. Now she informed me that she had to leave the next morning. Being ahead of schedule, I was in a bit of a bind really. Anyway before leaving Jennifer put me up in a Hotel and payed for 2 nights to give me enough time to find someone to help me along. Bill Pelke is coming from Alaska to help (which he has experience as to how I need help to walk) but this won't be till I am already in Texas. I am so close, but yet so far.

I may still need someone to help move my gear a few miles or lots of miles ahead, and friendly places to stay on my way to Dallas. Once there I will be just fine as there are folk who have said they'd be there for me.

OK, I am off to network. Let me know if you need anymore information.

Peace, love and progress. "X"

NOTE: A nice tip: "X" loves ALL kinds of food & is enthusiastic and grateful for whatever healthy food you place in front of him. So give him your best and don't worry about him liking it...You will be glad to be with him which is such a great joy. If you want to help or want "X" to speak to your group or media outlet, please contact "X" directly using the info in the column to the right.

In the case you are unable to reach him, contact either Bill Pelke or call me, Connie Nash, at 828 384-1501.

You can provide financial assistance through either JOH SPECIFY FOR CAPITAL "X" WALK 4 LIFE or the link for the T-Shirt on the UPPER RIGHT Column--Stay tuned for a JOH blog from Little Rock and maybe some photos soon! Go Well, Connie

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If you are feeding him & don't have plans, he does like fried chicken a lot!