Friday, May 30, 2008

Note of Celebration from Witness to Innocence/ Concert Tonight 10 PM with Capital "X" Houston

JUST IN: from Witness to Innocence: a note of celebration just below Walk events


Andre Lattalade, also known as Capital “X”, a hip hop artist and activist is in Houston today along with David Atwood and other activists from various places. This is the last part of a 1700 mile walk which started on March 31, 2008. Texas currently has 14 (!) executions scheduled, the first one being Derrick Sonnier on June 3.

At 10pm Tonight a Salute to Capital “X” Concert will take place at Advant Garden, 411 Westheimer, in Houston. Capital "X" and several other artists will perform.

On June 3, Capital "X" and others plan to protest the planned execution of a number of inmates and will be focusing on Derrick Sonnier at the Walls Unit in Huntsville as the time for his scheduled execution draws closer.

Keep watching for more updates! Current contact: Courtney Wilson at 832-704-8900

Scroll below and go right to archives (April and May) for more information.

Dear Andre,

On behalf of Witness to Innocence, the largest network of death row exonerees in the country, we are writing to celebrate the success of your incredible journey across the country on foot. We wish you well in your future abolitionist actions and hope that you continue to find the motivation and strength to move forward in the struggle to abolish capital punishment.

Monica Fauble, Witness to Innocence
Please Note: I am in the office Mon/Wed/Fri
PO Box 34725
Philadelphia, PA 19101
(215) 387-1831

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