Thursday, October 30, 2008

Gregory Wright Executed -- See Note of Empathy

NEW NOTE: Sadly, Gregory Wright's execution took place as premeditated Thursday, October 30, 2008. The program from Texas may be available Friday and a FEW days beyond on KPFT dot org out of Houston (90.1) Also perhaps use this link Here


We here at The Journey of Hope weblog are grieving with you who have suffered this most recent terrible loss. We also send our empathy to those who are reminded of similar losses from state executions or other equally horrific murder. We hope to offer and encourage more statements of empathy in the future. If you have something empathetic or of insightful nature, be sure to COMMENT and watch the COMMENTS. Help us establish this the JOH blogspot as a truly interactive and healing place.

There are several items already posted under the entries for Gregory Wright.

How inhumane and beyond - this terrible state killing of so many. Yet another just took place yesterday eventing which continues to make Texas famous for the worst reasons world-wide and overshadows with terrible gloom the many beauties of this wide state and of her generous peoples!

To multiply the travesty of this killing of Gregory Wright is the fact that a number of lawyers and other experts are not at all convinced the "right" guy was executed!

So wherein is safety and justice served by such a state premeditated death? So why THIS execution? Is this merely punitive? Why is there so little concern as to whether or not justice and fairness has been served?

Of course - at the JOH - most regular readers of our website and blogspot know that we don't believe there is such thing as a "right" execution.

We also send prayers to all the family members of murder victims and the family of the executed (and those who may be reading this who've suffered both!).

All over the USA and over the wide world there are so many who are reminded over and over of their own tragedies in so many ways - including via the many trials leading to the executions of others which are so constantly in the news.

We pray and work for alternatives to execution such as PREVENTION to crime (which includes the reduction of homelessness, untreated mental illness, other kinds of poverty, the trauma of war and police systems with observable and accountable integrity). We strive with many others for improvements in our Court Systems - for true and clear, transparent justice.

We also work and pray for the oft slow-coming of healing through forgiveness (of self and others). This transformative grace-filled epiphany (not always experienced with feelings of peace) may simply begin with a determined intention to forgive.

Yet, over time, this goal or prayer or even longing for healing - a more constructive inner direction than revenge - may help to alleviate in some measure such tragedy...and much of the ongoing effect of tragedy.

There are many role-models here at The Journey of Hope - who, while they have experienced varying degree of forgiving - are still human like the rest of us. They come from a WIDE variety of experiences, places and personality.

May you who have been through something like Connie Wright (or like other family members have experienced of state killings or other kinds of murder) PLEASE reach out to Connie and others? You who have experienced similar loss - along with some portion of forgiveness and healing - are in a perfect position to offer the kind of empathy which is most helpful.

For others who want to comfort those close-by and far away--JUST LISTENING with compassion and good timing is often ALL that is required and beneficial as you may well know.

Let's continue to make sure that the murder of loved ones, the state killing of loved ones and the deaths of hard-working abolitionists before us - as well as the death of Gregory Wright - is NOT in vain.

Thank You for Listening and Tuning In,
Connie Nash, blogger at The Journey of Hope weblog


Unknown said...

My heart and prayers go out to Connie Wright and Greg's family and supporters. I was very saddened to find out that he was killed by the state. I can't imagine how hard it must have been for all involved. This kind of torment should not be lain upon all the folks were are already grief-stricken, and I mean the victim's family as well as the offenders' people. All suffer terribly. I pray this country puts an end to executions soon, and I pray it begins with the State of Texas.

Miss Norvell

Susanne said...

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