Wednesday, November 18, 2009

A reminder about writing comments

This is just a reminder on our policy regarding allowing comments.

Since we do receive lots of inadequate comments we have a certain procedure to check them before posting them.

First we check if the identity of the person who wrote the comment is clear. If it is not absolutely clear who wrote this comment, we reject it without even reading it.
This has two reasons:
a) We sincerely believe that anyone who thinks he or she has to say anything in public, must also have the courage to stand up for what he/she says and
b) In case there should be anything standing in a comment which might lead to legal consequences, we do believe that the person who wrote the comment should be held responsible.

After confirming that there is an identity with the comment, we check the comment itself for the language used. Comments with inappropriate language, with insults etc. are being rejected.

Only after this is check the content of a comment: All advertisement is being rejected. We do publish comments for and comments against the death penalty but we do insist on a certain form being observed!

1 comment:

CN said...

Thanx to my co-blogger for this comment for which I completely agree. We can now refer others to this page if so needed and possibly even a line on home page with the link if these problems continue to occur?