Wednesday, November 18, 2009

UPDATES on recent scheduled executions (to be continued all this week)

Texas Moratorium Network
Three Executions in Three Days in Texas, Starting Today
Texas is set to execute three people in three days starting today, November 17. The first is Gerald Cornelius Eldridge, who is mentally ill and has an IQ of 72.

Eldridge just received a reprieve by a federal judge yesterday, November 17th at 4:47pm

Gilles Denizot USA: A human being has been executed last night on the electric chair in Virginia, while another has been granted a stay of execution in Texas. Today Nov. 18, another man faces execution in Texas! Raise your voice! here

Facebook comment: we must all call the governor and raise our voices and we need all the voices we can get. There must be more and more protests each and every time. They cannot execute people who are mentally retarded and those who never shot anyone under the law of parties.

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