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Bill answers Connie who returns the favor...

JOURNEY FAMILY (and other interested readers at blog and FB):

The following was a letter Bill Pelke posted on FB in response to my request for an update. I found this informative letter on FB March 8, 2012.

Since Bill answered my public request publically, I'm assuming it's ok to let you readers in on this as well -- if not, let me know right away, Bill. ok? :)

(My response follows his...Connie)

Hi Connie,

Hope you are well. I just saw the post where you wanted me to call you. I have been extremely busy the last 8 months, due to Gilles resignation and all the traveling I have been doing. He used to take care of little things which usually turn into major tasks for me.

I have not talked with you forever. I am writing a book that starts with the Alabama trip and some flash backs to Places like Texas 2005. 2007, Africa and Uganda, Germany and a lot more. Right now I am also working on trying to get the Journey of Hope to California prior to the November 6th elections. I am running into a bit of a wall in trying to get the Journey invited. It would be a great thing to have a Journey of Hope in California. I would be interested in some brain storming on this.

I have thought of putting a chapter of my book on the blog one chapter at a time. I am pretty much done with the first five. It is all about the fantastic Journey of Hope that took place in Alabama Jan 5-Feb 6.

Some might find it interesting to go chapter by chapter, not sure yet what I will do.

I am also because I don’t even really know who is working on the blog, you and or Angela. You both have done so much for the Journey. I need to start paying closer attention. I am glad this post was called to my attention.

I just am not computer savvy with all this stuff.

Big news, I got to visit with Paula Cooper in January for the first time in 14 years. It was a wonderful visit.

She will get out of prison in about 15 months. I will meet her at the gates of the prison when she gets out.

Bill Babbitt and David Kaczynski and his wife Linda Patrick just left Alaska today after a 7 speaking tour through Anchorage. Great events through Alaskans Against the Death Penalty. I go to DC in 8 days and will attend the supreme court hearing dealing with Juveniles and Life without Parole on the 20th. I am part of an Amicus Brief that has been filed to abolish JVLWOP in the case of Miller v. Alabama and Jackson v. Hobbs I will fly to Santa Rosa on the 24th to visit with Kathy Chism, founder Dream One World and then attend a death penalty leadership training conference in Sonoma 26-29

A member of Amnesty International, Christian Martin called me a month ago requesting Journey speakers for an event their AI group was planning for anti-death penalty week. Shujaa Graham, Randy Gardner and Charity Lee will be representing the Journey of Hope for Demand Justice: A lecture on the death penalty with the Journey of Hope on April 4 at the Boston University. I know it will be powerful.

The ELLA Foundation is hosting the Journey of Hope in San Antonio October 10-14. Charity Lee, founder, has posted this event on causes trying to raise money.

The Journey of Hope will also do some events in the DC area prior to and including the 19th annual fast and vigil June 22-July 2. I have not missed a day in 18 years and don’t plan on missing this year.

Journey of Hope board member Rais Bhuiyan was recently interviewed for Readers Digest. Check out next month’s issue.

Together we can Abolish the Death Penalty.

Peace and Love, Bill
March 8 at 3:38am

Quick Response from Connie to Bill & Others:

Wow, no wonder you're a bit behind! YES, doing the book online chapter by chapter may be JUST RIGHT for Journey because you've got pressing events which may need attention this just this way -- but check with others who may be familiar with this -- see if you would still be able to publish freely with the publisher of your choice or self-publish even more easily this way? Of course, you may need to see if there would be a few issues such as editing AFTER posting or even changing things around in the book drastically. Still, it seems the way to go with fewer folk reading a whole book...and to get suggestions before you publish.

I get a sense of resonance and connection with Angela and all the other current ACTIVE supporters and groups Journey has. So glad that the Journey Blog continues to download so easily into FB.

My problem is I'm probably only a speck more computer savvy then you and REALLY MISS my former German co-blogger -- do you know where she is or her ADDRESS plz...that pretty little golden red-head you introduced me to whom did much of that for me -- while I helped her out happily with a bit of English usage...???

ANGELA, you are MOST welcome to help me with the blog ANYTIME...the blog needs you! Do you know how to get signed in or should I figure this out or send you someone who might help us both?

I just got back from a surprise visit to DR (Republica Dominico)for 10 days so am behind on blogging. This exciting surprise trip was for a 40th wedding anniversary! My dear husband Dale was SO excited planning this & he/we was/were even more happy with each day in "paradise" as far as nature, weather, animals (whales) and dear dear people whom we got to "know" a bit even with language barrier...most everyone speaks to learn a little...and practice our grade school french...we stayed in a bungaloo with thatched roof close to the SEA and could visit at will. We ate a lot of fresh fish.

Closest experience to working on the death penalty was joining a group of beautiful folk who's mission in life is to SAVE Humpback Whales from extinction. The whole country is doing this -- turning whale hunting into whale's working for the whales & the economy as well (great tourism event.) We saw a baby whale and the mom's male escort breach up-close...tons & tons of grey sea flesh many floors high jumping completely out of the green sea...

Looks like some great folk continue to keep FB going...I read it regularly but am not signed in...

Bill, let some of us know next time you go to South Carolina or we/I may meet you in San Antonio in October...

Also, I may be able to find a better communication system to use just with you and a few others pretty soon.

Until then, PLS send my by my yahoo address (only) your best post office addresses -- home & also your contacts for end of March and April...

Thanx so much for writing...PLZ keep us posted here at blog/fb.

Prayers, Blessings & Hugs!


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CN said...

Susanne, I hope you see this & won't give up on us/me. Any chance you could help out even just once a month?

My google email is not working right since I have been doing several blogs...but IF you ONLY write to my yahoo email alone (without putting the google email address in any line at all) that one works just fine.

Plz send your phone number with BEST times to call to my YAHOO email...THANX & Hope you're A-OK?