Thursday, March 15, 2012

Suggestion for fb folk...:)

Sometimes, I test out my posts here & IMMEDIATELY correct I just did with the last post. Alas, I was surprised that the instant before doing so it was posted unedited on fb...? So, perhaps someone working fb would remove the previous version & post the right one? :) That would be best considering the fb item goes to search engines with Rais Bhuiyan's and our Journey of Hope names...Thanx...

Looks like it may be best for me to not test it out the same way?

Thanx for ALL the amazing work and connections between blog and fb. I really like working together & seeking to improve my part. Blessings!

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CN said...


If you'd like me to add you as a co-blogger to The Journey of Hope, plz email me --
with no other email listed but your's and your first name in the Subject line...


Both Bill and I would like you to be on board as co-blogger, if you are willing?