Monday, March 19, 2012

Plz Keep Journey's RANDY Gardner in your Heart & Prayers!

Randy Gardner --
with children in Uganda
with Journey...

I'm posting this by itself for special highlighting since it may have been missed by many of us earlier. I found this at the end of Bill's last Journey Events Diary posted a few days ago by Angela on fb (and see the JOH blog just below as well.)

From Bill:

Please pray also for the family of Journey of Hope board member Randy Gardner. His brother Billy Joe passed away last night. It is the FOURTH! brother of Randy’s to die in the last 20 months. His brother Ronnie Lee Gardner was executed by the state of Utah in 2010.


From Connie:

Find a a Journey post on Randy with a little more about his family -- hoping we will be able to post more after some updating on Randy about his work with and vision for youth here

Wow Randy -- what impossible loss! I can't imagine losing ONE brother -- let alone four! And in the most recent 20 months! Unfathomable -- yet so so heart-wrenching...As if your previous experiences with deepest of loss has not been enough.

Along with prayer for Bill, JOH, Mothers and more we The Journey Family and other readers are compelled by unending love and deep empathy to pray for you daily.

Randy, (Bill or someone else) -- would you plz send an address where we might send you cards?

When you are able and willing: do update us from time to time, Randy, on your special needs and your amazing work on behalf of youth!

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CN said...



Plz Keep Journey's RANDY Gardner and BILL Pelke in your Heart & Prayers

ANGELA: Does someone need to be signed into facebook to send and receive mail from you? Some of us, including me and Rick Halperin have chosen not be be signed into fb...

Wow, now that I'm finally catching onto your work and indispensible help -- and before I know how to communicate with you, you have to leave us! Well, MANY blessings, Angela...let me/us know how to get and stay in touch plz.