Thursday, March 15, 2012

Blessed Are the Merciful: A New Video about a World Without Hate

Mark Stroman, transformed by a community of love, forgiveness and self-reflection: "Hate is going on in this world -- it has to come to an end."

Rais Bhuiyan: "Let's end the cycle of hate and violence. Let's move forward."

As mentioned by Bill Pelke recently, here's a new video online with more evidently to come in print. Just Click here

Photo above and more was found here


CN said...

Find other links to this story on The Journey of Hope's blog here:

Read a personal history by Rais Bhuiyan from the movement web "World Without Hate" here:

Find much more on world Without Hate dot org: and the same on facebook.

CN said...

Here's an interesting article posted a few months ago in a Christian progressive magazine: