Sunday, March 18, 2012


KEEP THIS URL HIGH on your lists, emails, twitters, fb pages (and sites) -- plz let your contacts know about our CURRENT CAUSE -- here THANX ELLA FOUNDATION!

Here's the statement of deep gratitude to Charity (from Bill Pelke · President and Co-Founder at Journey of Hope...from Violence to Healing)

Charity, on behalf of the Journey of Hope...from Violence to Healing I cannot thank you enough for what you have done, not only for the Journey of Hope organization, but me personally and for my friends Shujaa Graham, Randy Gardner, Ron Carlson, Rick Haperin and others of the Journey family. We know that you suffered though something that no one should ever have to.

From your depth of pain you have risen, risen because of love, unconditional love. We all need to learn of that. We know that it is your love for ELLA that is bringing the Journey of Hope back to San Antonio. Thank you so much.

Let’s do this for Shujaa and the Witness to Innocence program.

Let’s do this for Randy Gardner, as he retells how the people of the State of Utah used a firing squad to kill his brother Ronnie Lee Gardner.

Let’s do it for Ron Carlson, Rick Halperin, Rais Bhuiyan, and all the other wonderful people that are a part of this movement.

And let’s do it for you and for me.

Lest we not forget Paris and Paula.

It is especially important (that) we are collectively doing it for ELLA.

I say Praise God.

Thank you, Thank You, Thank You.



On behalf of the rest of the JOH family, we second that deep gratitude as well. Some of us may not yet have seen what you have done or may choose to remain silent. Some like Rick and I may not be on FB...yet I know their heart is or would be with Bill in this beautiful statement. Once a week or so, plz let me know how the JOH blog might help this cause in a more effective way.


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