Monday, March 19, 2012

Bill Pelke/Events Diary ( in DC on Fair Sentencing of Youth -- Attending Oral Arguments)

Thanx for this post, Bill and Angela! (Sorry to have missed earlier)

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Please pray for me.... by Bill Pelke
by Bill Pelke

The next two weeks are very important.
Tomorrow night I fly to Washington, DC for the United States Supreme Court
to attend oral arguments in the case of Jackson & Miller.
I will be the guest of the Campaign for the Fair Sentencing of Youth (CFSY).
I am part of an amicus brief in this case.
At issue is the case of Juvenile Life Without Parole (JVLWOP).
There will be several meeting before and after the hearing, with great networking possibilities and media opportunities.

While in DC I will also be involved in planning for a DC Journey of Hope in June,
prior to the Annual Fast and Vigil.

I return to Alaska for one short day and fly to Sonoma, California for the lauch of;
Fellowship for Death Penalty Abolition Leaders.
I am honored to be selected to be a paricipant in this program.
It is designed to support a multiracial community of longtime and emerging leaders
engaged in work to end the death penalty - including litigators, communications leaders, state organizers, national leaders and other advocates.
There is so much I need to learn to make my work with the
Journey of Hope ... from Violence to Healing more effective.

I will also be able to spend several days with Kathy Chism, founder of Dream One World. Kathy is a global advisor to the Journey of Hope and a big part of the African Journey of Hope.

Again, please pray for me during the next two weeks.

Please pray also for the family of Journey of Hope board member Randy Gardner. His brother Billy Joe passed away last night. It is the fourth brother of Randy’s to die in the last 20 months. His brother Ronnie Lee Gardner was executed by the state of Utah in 2010.

Thank you,

God’s Peace,
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Plz Keep Journey's RANDY Gardner and BILL Pelke in your Heart & Prayers

ANGELA: Does someone need to be signed into facebook to send and receive mail from you? Some of us, including me and Rick Halperin have chosen not be be signed into fb...

Wow, now that I'm finally catching onto your work and indispensible help -- and before I know how to communicate with you, you have to leave us! Well, MANY blessings, Angela...let me/us know how to get and stay in touch plz.