Wednesday, March 25, 2009


Bess Klassen-Landis and I have been on the Indiana Journey of Hope these last two weeks.

Bess's sister Ruth Andrews joined us for several talks and their sister Suzy joined us in Goshen for a memorial service for her father, which coincided with the 40th anniversary of their mothers death.

The first link is from the Mennonite weekly and the other two are pre and post article of my trip to Terre Haute.

This has been a very powerful Journey as we all returned to the state of Indiana where our loved ones were murdered. These are stories of healing and hope.


Bill Pelke

After Murders Families Find Healing Path: here

Local Story: here

Another Local Story: here

THANX so much, Bill, from us ALL!!!!!!!!!! We look forward to MUCH more later with some photos as easy to send. All of you, PLEASE rest & take care of selves.

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