Monday, October 17, 2011

UPDATED: RANDY GARDNER with the Kids on Africa Journey

Randy in Africa with Journey...

Update: I did a little research on October 25th and found these moving articles of a most caring family who are bringing good out of their executed loved one's troubled yet loving and transformed life. Here are the articles. There is so much depth here and possibilities for change for us all:

Go here
and here and finally here Readers are likely to find more articles on Ronnie (Randy's brother shot by firing sqad) and life behind bars of seeking to make amends and make good to all he possibly could. His deep remorse and loving concern extended also to Jason who was three when his father was murdered. Jason forgave Ronnie for the crime.

Note that if you look up more info on Randy Gardner, Ronnie's brother, he's NOT the famous world skater champion nor the champion who held is breath an inordinate length of time. However, we at Journey already know Randy's a champion with kids and turning tragedy into sunlight!

Randy founded Back to Basics Organic Farm and Ranch in honor of his brother, Ronnie Lee Gardner, who was executed by the state of Utah by firing squad on June 18, 2010.

To see a video and more about Randy's vision for youth with the need for special, healing direction, plz CLICK here

After just a few minutes seeing Randy's photo and a little of his vision, I sure do want to meet him someday and hope to post more on him when I learn more. His Back To Basics Organic Garden vision looks like a kind of country version of what the new (headed for an award) film "The Interruptors" is all about in a troubled city context - it's all about LOVE.

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