Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Capital "X" Fairfax Virginia

Support him in any way possible. For one, get the word out to the press and invite folk to meet up with him. Place this on your blogs, lists with link to
http://thejourneyofhope.blogspot.com Can anyone meet up with the Campaign to provide physical/transportation Support? If so, PLEASE Call

Bill Pelke at 305 775-5823

Cap. "X" 281 818-8935

If you are giving financial support, go to The Journey of Hope website--LINK to the Right. Make sure to note that the funds are for Capital "X" and his Walk 4 Life. Bill will make sure the Campaign receives all of it!

Blog from Bill Pelke written Monday, April 07, 2008

I am at a Wendy's waiting for Capital "X" to catch up with me...

Capital X walked from Maryland in Washington DC yesterday.

Terry Steinburg and Shujaa Graham and were able to meet up with Capital "X" between the Washington monument and the White House.

Capital "X" was then driven to the home of Abe Bonowitz where he spent. the night. I stayed with Terry Steinburg, her husband Ben and daughter Lindsey. Terri and I met Capital "X" and Abe this morning in DC at the National Coalition. All the NCADP staff gathered for a meeting with Capital "X" where we took some pictures and explained what "X" was doing. Abe Bonowitz graciously gave us the use of his van, the Journey Mobile.

Capital X has walked about 15 miles and will probably walk another 10 miles today as we approach the Fairfax Virginia area. I stop about every five miles until "X" gets to where I am. He takes a short break and begins walking again. I drive on up the highway and wait again, sometime standing by the side of the road with an "Execution is not the Solution" sign. He has done several interviews today, one while walking and we will be meeting a reporter tomorrow morning from Loudon County for another interview.

While at the NCADP office I was able to present Capital "X" with two checks, one from the Journey of Hope for $100 and one from Alaskans Against the Death Penalty for $50. Anyone else who would like to contribute to this walk can make a donation on the Journey WEB SITE (SEE RIGHT LINK) and note that it is for Capital X's walk and I will get the funds to him.

Today has been a bit cold but "X" is doing great. He was a real inspiration to all of those at the NCADP office and also to me.

I wish I did not have to leave on Thursday so I could spend another week with him. HE IS IN NEED OF ASSISTANCE TO HELP GET HIS EQUIPMENT MOVED EACH DAY.

I hope to join up with Capital "X" for 7-10 days as he approaches Texas next month.

The NCADP blog will also be covering "X"'s walk.

More later.


NOTE: Please CLICK on COMMENTS (bottom right) to find more UPDATES/VENUES/TIMES/etc. RIGHT HERE on this PAGE for Capital "X" and his Walk4Life! Please to to the JOH WEBSITE RIGHT AWAY to CONTRIBUTE TO WALK 4 LIFE. (Specify it's for Walk 4 Life/Capital "X") Bill Pelke will be sure this campaign gets it. The Campaign and "X" needs ALL our support!)

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