Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Walk4Life - From GA into AL

It's getting difficult for me to write and film at this point of the walk. It's now more about direct action meeting with all that call upon me, going where ever I am sent.

Leaving La Grange I reached Open Door Community in GA this was a great experience. After walking the entire day cover some 25 miles of down town ATL which included visiting an empowering visit to the home where Martin Luther King was born, and where he now rests I made my way back to Open door. Just before returning there I even stopped to talk to local drug dealers who where all ears. There was no danger. If anything these young men were concerned for my safety. They told me to watch my back.

At open door they had a discussion outside with about 20 residents and visitors. We sat in a big circle right out front. I spoke about the walk and what it was all about and I rapped for everyone. We prayed together. We then grabbed signs protesting the WAR. Passer byes honked their horns in approval. After a while we then stood in circle holding hands where I was asked to bless the meal we were about to be indulge in. I was filled with the spirit of God and the spirit of all His children which filled me with power. We than sat and broke bread together like on big beautiful family. I was touched by every single child of God at Open door.
The following day I was helped to reach Columbus where I met the loved ones of a prisoner. I walked around Columbus the entire day. This day was important, meeting the 16 child of a man wrongly accused and convicted. This young man hugged me in a way I can't put into words. I can't understand why people can't understand the victimization. Why does society ignore the children. He thanked me for doing what I can to help his father. I made my way into Alabama the following day.

In Alabama I was met by Ester a woman filled with words backed by actions. She teamed up with Judy who I met in LaGrange, another woman all about taking action. Upon arriving I was blessed with an amazing meal and an amazing phone call from Alabama's death row.

I spoke to Jefferey who empowered me. I connected with Jeffery like I had known him for years. Here this man sat on D/R but he was more concerned with children. He coached me you can say telling me to reach the children before they wind up in a place like Alabama's death row. He armed my mind for what I was to do the following day.

I was taken to 5 points elementary school where I spoke to an 8th grade class. Judy brought me there and let me say it was amazing. I covered a lot of issues. I first spoke about myself a bit then talked on racial issues, drugs, gangs and violence, the state of the culture of hip hop, the history of hip hop seeing the culture has such an influence on our children. I told them to be careful not to be influenced by the negative images projected by some wealth seeking artists. We talked about capital punishment. When 70 percent of the class raised their hands when I asked if any had loved ones in prison I knew they would have no problem understanding the issues concerning capital punishment. I took question that ranged from personal to the execution of Stanley Tookie Williams the famed co-founder of the Crips gang who had turned his life around writing many children's books steering them away from gangs and violence. Tookie was nominated 3 time for a Nobel peace prize. I looked up to this man, and fought for his life. Before leaving these angels they all one by one gave me a hug it was beautiful.

Before leaving the school I was asked to speak to some 7th graders. It was brief seeing we were late to meet a local activist news reporter but I did the best I could with the limited time. I guess God spoke through me because a few hours later one of the 7th graders e-mailed me thanking me for stopping by. He touched my heart.
I did two news paper interviews rapping for the reporters as I was asked to rap the song I did for the children. "Spic in Black" inspired by Johnny Cash's "Man in Black". For the children I change the lyrics to "The Kid in Black". I then attended a political debate. 4 men running for city council. I spoke a bit to some of the attendees. I said something right. I was invited to speak the following day at some conference. I have a full day ahead me on day 31.

Peace and progress.


thinkinkmesa said...

Awesome post!
Our continued support and prayers are with you!

Susanne said...

Hello there, I talked to Andre the other day and he
told me that the little walk through LaGrange
neighborhoods was great. He had a chance to speak with
some Latinos that were hanging there about what he is
doing and talking about racial problems and non
violence. He rapped in Spanish for them and they
really appreciated that.

He also approached two black men that listened to him
while he talked to them about the meaning of walking
through LaGrange and telling them about what he is
doing. He rapped for them also and they listened to
him. So LaGrange was great!

I know that he had a meeting also at the Jubilee where
he inspired many people talking about his experience
and what he is doing with the walk.
Now he is is on alabama.

Katia for "X" (who works with Andre from distance on
the emails, etc.)