Saturday, April 12, 2008

Why we support the Campaign 4 Life and Capital "X"

At JOH and in other Abolish groups we are about PREVENTION and other ALTERNATIVES to violence and frustration-breeding in our Justice Systems. In California, Youth Sentencing is harsher than Adult Sentencing and Racism is rampant. All over the US the reports are that there is NO rehabilitation. In a South Carolina prison, I spoke with a mother who's young son had been cleared and freed to go home but then the state said they wanted to keep him for drug rehab. The only problem is that he's being held for no reason because there IS NO DRUG REHAB at the prison! I wait in line time and again out in all kinds of weather --waiting with family members and other visitors to get in. When I visit prison, no matter the rain and bitter code, sometimes for an hour and a half. The staff are often kind yet they often give lame and untrue excuses as to why they are making a handful of folk wait OUTSIDE to get in to visit. I watch the elderly, the babies and their moms, the visitors in wheel chairs develop more and more hostility for the Dept of Corrections.

I brought a man's mom to see him once from Pennsylvania to SC. She only had her driver's licence as an ID. But because it was expired (she was over 80 and didn't drive anymore) she was not allowed in! All that way and no visit with her son! She only makes it maybe every other year! Children and other decent folkare growing up watching this? Their phone bills are sky high because for years the prisons and the telephone company are making profit off of poor inmates' loved ones who can barely afford to take care of the kids and grands at home. The prisons say it's for rehab! WHAT rehab? What incentives to improve one's lot? How are the relatives of the inmates going to be inspired to get out of the hood and to better their own lives? And for what and how? Who are they going to follow? The State? Is this necessary? How is all this going to lower the murder and other crime rate?Thank God for a few folk who are making a difference with the rare programs they provide. Thank God for Capital "X"! Thanks so much for tuning in and for your caring and support!

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