Monday, April 14, 2008

Help the WALK 4 LIFE

PLEASE KEEP THESE HANDY and POST to your lists RIGHT AWAY! WE need some major transportation support for Andre/Capital X Right Away! Contact first of all Andre Latallade/Cap. "X" 281 818-8935 Failing that try Connie Nash 828 384-1501, 828 884-9467 or contact Bill Pelke. U can also email Katia/Capital X at

SEE Terri's blog and on down to Andre's Support of NCADP and read Abe's report and Capital X journal here at JOH blog and also at

I had a call a few hours ago from Andre (X) and just now from Bill Pelke. Andre continues strong, determined and ready to keep walking! Andre with his Campaign 4 Life is entering North Carolina on schedule. He plans to be in Reidsville, NC (a city located in Rockingham County near the NC/VA border) sometime soon.

He is cheerfully needing ALL of us to send out the call for folk willing to help transport his equipment (quite a bit!)while he walks. He will also need places to stay on his way. Venues and reporters would be nice too -- yet the main thing is TRANSPORTATION for the equipment, PLACES to STAY and some funds to keep the the WALK going.

Let's help Andre avoid having to hire any more mini-vans to carry his equipment. IF you know anyone with a little time and a vehicle willing to help out and/or anyone near Reidsville or on down between Reidsville and Charlotte, NC as well as other spots in NC, SC and Georgia Please call RIGHT AWAY!

SUPPORT CAPITAL X & CAMPAIGN 4 LIFE IN THE CAROLINAS, GEORGIA AND ON INTO TEXAS!! (Call Andre if you can help out! 281 818-8935)

Thanks for tuning in,
Connie Nash for The Journey of Hope Blog

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