Thursday, April 10, 2008

The Reason I Walk So Hard By Capital "X"

Photo gratitude goes to Capital "X" and his Campaign 4 Life supporters.

Here's "X"'s latest blog from the front-lines of the WALK 4 PEACE

This here is just one of the reasons I walked so hard the first couple of days. This is why I didn't let shin splints slow me down. I actually wasn't supposed to arrive in Annapolis till the fifth, but when they offered me the chance to speak at the Stanton Community Center on the forth, I told them I would be there. They asked how and I told them I will walk faster. Little man in the picture with me made every bit f pain I went through worth it.

I spoke to a room full of kids and parents. I am not some amazing speaker, I just just share all the wrong choices I made in life hoping people listen so they won't make the same ones. I did a little accapella and that about it. It meant a lot to me because I came from the projects. My pops did bust his back side to get us up out of there but I ended up back in the projects.

Talk about walking 4 life, I pray Micheal there in the picture took what I said to heart and fights for his community. Places like Clay street where little man lives is where authorities go to find occupants to fill prison cells. Yea including the ones on death rows.

The evening was in remembrance of Martin Luther King. A film based in these times was the main event of the evening. You're going to have to look it up trust me it's worth it.

I was watching the film and little man snuck up to me and said "you did a great job" and then he gave me a little bear hug. I never met him before but let me tell you I love this kid like a brother. By the end of the evening me 'n Michael were homeboys without question. I will be returning to spend more time with him. I wanna do all I can to make sure the state of Maryland keeps they hands off him. I love kids so any time I get asked to work with kids I drop everything and I am there. It takes a village to raise a child is my favorite saying because it's so true. If we as a people would stop being so dependant on those that oppress us, imprison us and even kill us and we came together maybe there wouldn't be so many brothers and sisters sitting on death row. We need each other but for some strange reason we have forgotten this.

I have to thank brotha Zastrow who was in the house and of course my brotha Timmy Grins for making this happen. Don't get it twisted this event had everything to do with the Walk 4 Life. I got to tell the 150 some odd peoples there what I was doing. They all seemed to agree with me on the death penalty. There was a lot of love up on Clay street. Enough to gas me up for day six. Word up, I could still feel little mans arms squeezing me. I feel like I was touched by an angel. Yea; I was.

Peace love and progress.
Howard Neal - MS death row (on death row for 28 years)
Sammy Capers - CA death row. I walked for these brothas, prayed for these brothas and will continue to do so.

Please look in the Comments section for CAPTIAL "X" BLOGSITE address and more -- KEEP WATCHING FOR CALENDAR VENUES to show up soon there if not here and for more blog journal entries. Also, just out today, sent by Dr. Rick Halperin is an important report and hope on YOUTH INCARCERATED in California! Teens are treated WORSE than adults and the racist problems are beyond belief. Current voting could change some of this. If you're in California, CALL legislators NOW. YOU could make ALL the diffrence! Those of us in other states need to do the same. Goes right along with what "X" is saying! We've gotta get these kids 18 years and under as well as older out from under their hell of No Way Out, NO INCENTIVES, no way to a better life. Keep Tuned! We love you, "X"! Thanks for walking for all of us! Keep the faith!

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