Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Captial "X" Day Two

The following is a short report from Bill Pelke evening of April 1st...not foolin'! (Did you all survive the April 1st?)

From Bill...

I talked with Capital "X" today after his walk. He walked 36 miles today. He is several miles from the Delaware - Maryland State line.

He said today (April 1st) was a little harder than yesterday and it seemed mostly uphill.

Exonerated death row inmate and Journey of Hope board member Shujaa Graham will meet me at the airport on Thursday evening and we will hook up with Capital "X" to support his walk on Friday morning.

Shujaa and I will attend a showing of the "Exonerated" Saturday evening at All Souls Church in DC and we will be joined by Terri Steinburg.

I have asked Capital "X" to dedicate one of his walking days in Virginia to Terri's son, Justin Wolfe.

Capital "X" also had the opportunity to talk with several people during the day who were all pro death penalty.

That's it for now from Capital X's front line.



PS More coming--please stay tuned for this Journey of Hope adventure!

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