Monday, April 21, 2008

Email X or Katia at to Connect.

See more contact info & schedule in COMMENTS OR BELOW in previous posts.

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CN said...

For now, please Call Connie Nash if you're in the South Carolina areas at cell 828 384-1501 or home 828 884-9467 until we have the best new phone # for X

If this fails, do try Bill Pelke --as he may be Cap. X #1 abolitionist Supporter in US-- at 305 775-5823

Also you could email X or Katia at

Please call soon to offer hospitality, transportation & transporting equipment costs, matters related to reporting, etc.

Tuesday 22: Spartanburg, SC area
Wednesday 23: Andreson, SC area
Thursday 24: Athens, GA
Friday 25: Atlanta, GA
Saturday 26: On or around this day need a ride to Columbus, GA to meet
with press and Prisoners loved one. I will walk into Columbus. I then need to be returned up north towards ATL to walk into Alabama
Monday 28: 3 day walk to Anniston, Alabama

See more info below