Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Our Own Small Walk

EXCERPT from Wednesday Morning Blog:

" We are too far away to actually join him in his walk, so WE WILL BE DOING OUR OWN SMALL WALK. We support Capital "X’ in his "Walk 4 Life" effort!"

( See the refreshing blog after the following reminder )

Keep these numbers handy!
Andre aka Cap. "X" 281 818-8935

Bill Pelke at 305 775-5823

CALL RIGHT AWAY if you too can support Capital "X" by offering to transport equipment or in some other way. NEW venues are needed in Virginia and North Carolina as well as the rest of the journey to Texas. Don't forget meals and places to stay--follow your intuition! Please help us get this info to the press. This is a GREAT STORY! If you can't do any of the above or even if you can, send financial support and keep watching for updates. Every little bit goes a long way with Andre! And a little more goes even further. ( send your donation through Journey of Hope website -- see link to the right )

Now here's THIS morning's special blog--a grandfather and his grandkids. May this homey piece of inspiration challenge us all!

Becoming an Activist
Wednesday, 9. April 2008, 02:32:19

After reading one of my myspace friends blogs, it got me to thinking on how one becomes an activist. (activism The use of direct, often confrontational action, such as a demonstration or strike, in opposition to or support of a cause).

There are many ways to become an activist and many roads in life may lead you to take action. You may share your steps with others, or it may be in private small quiet ways.

After my motorcycle accident I spent some time in a wheelchair, "rolling" my youngest grandchild when fussy instead of "rocking" her. That time gave me a small glimpse into other disabilities. Later when we found out that a woman we know who trains assistance dogs needed dog food donations, we started collecting our change. My grandchildren have watched and helped me with my Locks Of Love effort, in addition to my stand against the death penalty (very personal to our family).

We support Capital "X’ in his "Walk 4 Life" effort!

We are too far away to actually join him in his walk, so we will be doing our own small walk.

Wednesday, (April 9th 2008) with pledges of support, my grandchildren will be doing their own walk, skate, ride, here where we live. They will then be donating to the cause.

I thought that the girls would learn the most about becoming active in issues that mean something to them by actually collecting their sponsored money, getting a money order and mailing it in, as opposed to me just making an on-line donation to the Walk 4 Life. They may be young, but make no mistake, this issue is something that Starr especially has shown an interest in.

Example of pledge; I have pledged to donate a $1.00 per lap for each of my 3 girls. (lap = once around the outside edge of our mobile home park) One of my sons has pledged a total of $20.00 for Starr’s efforts, Leah has a sponsor, as does Alexis, etc.

( This is what the money will be used for:
"Capital-"X" will try to raise funds to educate people on the death penalty, and monies raised from this event will be donated to murder victim’s families and abolitionist groups". )

...Camera has fresh batteries, fridge is stocked with water, juice and fresh fruit. The recycling bin is ready and so are we...

More to follow... END blog

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Again, we at The Journey of Hope Weblog encourage you also to participate in some way and to send your donation to Journey of Hope website--link to the right. Bill Pelke will make sure everything you send in Capital "X" name for Campaign 4 Life will go for this campaign.


CN said...

Court Overturns Ohio Death Sentence

Watch for More Updates for Wednesday here...

CN said...

Earlier Press Release

Andre Latallade, also known as Capital-"X" will walk from Trenton New Jersey, approximately 1,700 miles to the Governors mansion in Texas in an attempt to bring awareness to the death penalty. The death penalty has recently been abolished in New Jersey, and Texas is known as "the busiest killing state." He is trying to "build a bridge between the two groups of victims, the executed, and their families and the victims and families of violent crimes."

Andre says "separated we call for life or death, I say we unite and call for solutions." He asks that life without parole be called for as opposed to the death sentence. Currently all executions are "on hold" while the Supreme Court rules whether lethal injection is cruel and unusual.

The walk will begin on March 31, 2008 approximately 5PM. Latallade estimates it will take around 54 days walking 8 hours a day minimum, about 3.5 mph. He will take one break for 3 days about one-third of the way to participate in the Hip Hop Association's HHEAL Festival in the Bronx, New York. Latallade is a hip hop artist himself and is known by the name of Capital-"X" on stage. Andre has created a video about his "Walk 4 Life." Andre will walk through 10 of the 12 highest executing states.

Latallade said "I think it can bring unity. Unite everybody that is fighting injustice, and keep that unity till the end. Can we make this big enough to apply international pressure on the USA?" He says "I have Italy behind me as well as London organizations, France, Denmark and Croatia. I am reaching out to Puerto Rico." Various non profit organizations, human rights groups, and other abolitionists support Andre on his "Walk 4 Life."

Capital-"X" will try to raise funds to educate people on the death penalty, and monies raised from this event will be donated to murder victim's families and abolitionist groups. Anyone interested in supporting "X" and uniting in this cause to Stop Capital Punishment, can email Andre at this address:

FOLLOW Capital "X"

CN said...

Sentencing youth the way the US does it, is inappropriate and not helpful. See article (Follow Andre aka Capital "X" on this one!)

thinkinkmesa said...

Thanks for including our effort to support the Walk 4 Life and Capital "X".
I have added pictures and and a bit about the walk to my opera page.
On a side note...I'm a are not the only ones who ride motorcycles...LOL.