Thursday, October 20, 2011

From UGANDA: Wednesday, 19 October 2011 GREETINGS & APPRECIATION

I greet you in the name of Love for our offenders.

Greetings from the 241 Inmates on the Death row in Upper Prison-Luzira, Kampala Uganda.

For sure your words were a great insipiration to them and even to us who are doing all it takes to reform them as they extend words of request for forgiveness unto those they offended.

Right from the day you visited them in their Condemn Cells, I wish to notify you that in this period, 02 Inmates, namely Muramuzi Herbert and Lubowa Robert, had their death sentence overturned and awarded a sentence of 30 years including those they had spent on the death row. They now have only 09 years to serve and then walk to their freedom.

However, they were able to have this second chance in life courtesy of their attainment of FORMAL EDUCATION while on the death row. The recommendation that our office submitted to the Judges as one of their mitigation factor, played a tremendous role in having their death sentence overturned.

It is to this end that I wish to extend our sincere appreciation for the wonderful package you left for the Inmates' Schools at Upper Prison-Luzira, Kampala Uganda. this School received 39 Dozens of Writing/Notes Books and 50 Pens. I tell you, that "Blessed is the Hand that giveth...".

It was a great boost for us in a situation of scarcity that thee Inmates Schools operate in. We received them from the Franciscan Prison Ministry Team.
Thanks and may the Almighty GOD fill your purse a hundredfold.

Our Schools have started a season for national examinations which commenced on 14.10.2011 and shall end on 1.12.2011, encompassing Secondary School Level Entry Examinations, High School Entry Examinations, and University Entry examinations. It is a hectic and financially expensive period but we hope that by GOD's Grace, we shall sail through safely.

In all there are 128 Candidates, out of which 53 are Inmates on the Death row. This gives us encouragement when we see you coming up and promising to support our efforts in providing them with formal education which is a starting point for their reintegration into society as productive and law abiding upon their release.
We shall continue endeavoring to provide this vital ingredient towards their reformation and rehabilitation, and as you promised, we call for your support in all forms, for it is said..:"The good you do will all (be) coming back a hundredfold to working good for GOD on earth".

Early January 2012, we shall be undertaking new admissions into School for formal education and at the same time as the Inmates on the Death row told you in their request for alms, Registraton for Candidates for Entry Examinations to various levels shall be conducted at Elementary, Lower and Upper Secondary.

Please do not be tired to support us when we turn to you for some modest financial support which in any case does range between US $ 5000-8000 for all levels combined and for all eligible inmates which must be paid to the Ministry of Education-Uganda National Examinations Board if they are to sit for these examinations.

I would love to identify with and be part of your efforts in overturning this vengeful punishment in the name of Death Penalty since "Two bad things cannot turn into anything good".

Should the State kill...or it should rehabilitate?

This is why I stand out with my head high to call upon you to support us - so that the seeds you are planting in the whole world of this noble fight can yield great fruits internationally. (So that)using a multidimensional approach such as Rehabilitative Formal Education (which) we are championing in Uganda can be replicated in other parts of the world as a panacea to recidivism and state revenge sometimes on innocent victims cum offenders.

I shall continue updating you on the trends we are taking to realise your mission on earth and we are ready to combine efforts with you in this aspect.

I wish you well and good health and all your loved ones as we continue in the struggle.

Once again thanks for your inspirational visit to Upper Prison, for it left an indelible mark in the lives of those who listened to your testimonies, I inclusive.

We love you all.

GOD bless.


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