Tuesday, October 11, 2011

SAVE LINKS & Updates & Great Photo of Bill Babbitt with Ugandan CHILDREN

Bill Babbitt (Bill has been speaking around the world about his brother Manny who was executed in 1999. Bill has helped raise over $2000 so that this Journey can take place....) He also has a beautiful - especially articulate daughter. What an effective, heart-felt man and family. Who doesn't LOVE Bill Babbitt?

GREAT SCREEN-SAVER or Wall Poster idea: Try clicking on photo once to double the size - Bill B has a marvelously emotive face - and what a beautiful banner, eh?
(Just posted late yesterday! Some terrific photographer - Charity?)

At the very beginning of the Archive don't miss the compelling/inspirational "Follow the Signs..." by Charity here (some of us who've chosen not to do FB have missed some of the most poignant items of all - but will do better, promise!)

More on Charity's Ella Foundation soon...

We need to revisit Angela's posting of Bill Pelke's and Journey's story again soon.

LINKS TO KEEP HANDY to be able to check out as new items keep coming in OFTEN and to review older gems:

DAILY Uganda Journey blog/photo album for yourself: here

FaceBook Wall- GO here to READ EXTRA comments like this one from Lisa Rea: Great to see this. Mpagi Edward Edmary was an innocent man on death row in Uganda. He is alive today to tell his story. I support the work of the Journey of Hope as it works for true justice for victims of crime. (Lisa is a friend and a FAMILY member of Journey. She has also done a lot to support Edward personally and his work with kids. Someday soon we need to let you know about or review here own special calling.) Also, go see Debbie Kearns pertinent timely YouTube videos and her passionate comments.

Or this one by Bill Pelke: It has been great to see Edward, his wife, mother and family. He is recovering from a stroke, but will be traveling with us to Rwanda for for a meeting of African nations trying to Abolish the Death Penalty in Africa. The president of Rwanda will address the conference. God's Peace to all.

(or if on FB, add your own comments! either way, there is no problem with clicking to read the latest.)

Here is the ministry page for Edward's Kids here

To read more about Edward, plz GO here

Finally yet NOT LEAST, PLZ help support this one of a kind UGANDAN Journey

Bill Pelke
President, Journey of Hope…from Violence to Healing
877-9 24GIVE (4483)
“The answer is love and compassion for all of humanity”

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CN said...

Here is a pertinent note from an earlier post by Bill P:

For more information on Edward go to Dream One World --

When Maria Donatelli, Coordinator for the World Coalition to Abolish the death Penalty was made aware that the Journey of Hope was going to be in Uganda during World Day, she invited the Journey of Hope to
attend a two day conference sponsored by the WCADP and Hands Off Cain in Kigali, Rwanda October 12-14.

From Rwanda we head to Nairobi Kenya for several meetings returning to the US on October 19th.

CN said...

From Bill P. earlier:

When we return from Africa, Charity and I will participate in the 12th annual march against executions on October 22 in Austin (Texas). Rick (Halperin) plans to meet us there