Friday, October 07, 2011

Hurrah! , we are in Africa! Friday, 7 Oct 2011

From Bill Pelke:

All right,
we made it to Nairobi in fine shape although the plane ride was not as nice as our previous flight from Dallas to Amsterdam.

It was a crowded flight; I don’t think there was one empty seat on the Jumbo Jet.

Since our bags had been checked to Entebbe we headed to the gate where we were told we could get our gate pass for our final leg on Kenya Airline to Entebbe, Uganda.
At the gate we were told the door to the plane had been shut and we would be rebooked for the first flight out in the morning. That wasn`t what what we wanted to hear after our two long flights to arrive in Africa. We elected to spend the night at the airport rather than leave and try to find a hotel so late at night when we would just have to return early in the morning.

I had checked prices earlier in the week and prices were very steep so we decided to stay at the airport.

We called Edward’s friend Ronald who was supposed to pick us up in Entebbe. He had already made the hour drive to meet us and I had to tell him we missed our flight. He thanked us for calling him and said he would come back in the morning at nine o’clock. He told us that Edward was sick. We had known that Edward had been ill but he had been confident he would be better by the time we got there. We hope he is recovering and will be fine. He has Ronald helping him organize our tour.
I am glad I had Ronald’s phone number.

We have been killing time catching a few little cat naps and just ate a meal at the only restaurant open in the middle of the night. We did get into a few good conversations on the last flight and have been passing out information all along the way.

But hurrah!, we are in Africa.

We are tired but we are in good spirits.

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Kathy Ozzard Chism said...

So glad you are there safe and sound, and thank you for keeping us posted! Love to all... Kathy Chism <3<3<3

connie nash said...

THANX Kathy Chism for your lovely comment. We are ALL so glad and STILL praying. Love back to yu.

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CN said...

More on the NINTH World Day Against the Death Penalty

CN said...

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