Tuesday, October 04, 2011

Taking a Break...

Readers, Finally, I'm going to take a break to update my technique here...I have been wanting to do this for some time. I want to work with other bloggers here - possibly a new co-blogger - and to confer with the folk doing the Journey of Hope facebook wall/web to see how we might continue to polish our good flow.

Meantime, GO to the facebook wall if you wish (you can read what's on the wall there even if you are not signed up to fb without signing up). See our latest comments on the fb wall and great work with the links to videos and more (Looks like Bill Pelke will be blogging his Journey in Uganda from the new Journey Diary which should link to the fb wall as well - See the post JUST ABOVE.)

Meantime, take a little scroll through our archives here for a wide perspective of issues and featured stories. Remember also to check out other sites listed in the lower right column.

I'll try to check periodically to post any comments submitted if appropriate, clear and not anonymous.

May we BE PEACE.

All the Best,


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CN said...

Gilles just sent this. Plz sign in the interest of justice for authorities to allow dna testing for Hank Skinner