Monday, October 24, 2011

Randy Gardner's page updated! Brief Note...

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Randy Gardner and family sending love and freedom to Ronnie as he faces/faced execution by firing squad - promising to bring love and healing to youth in his name.

Randy's daughter comforted at his execution.
She felt deeply his love for her and was very close to him.

Also be sure to see the amazing and NEEDED article posted just below about yet one more honest person who refuses to see revenge - ie - state murder or the Death Penalty as offering any peace or closure at all. Note as well the quiet mention at end of this article Death Penalty's Unlikely Opponents - GO here (At the end of that article see the rare and moving comment by a son protesting the execution of his father's murderer.


Anonymous said...

I am very sorry for your loss my heart goes out to your family!forever in my prayers

CN said...

Thanx Anon. Although we usually don't publish comments without a name, in this case, it's helpful & appropriate. Thanx for your empathy.