Saturday, May 16, 2009

Bad Mergentheim

May 12th, Business School Bad Mergentheim

The day before I met the teacher who had been organizing everything in the school. They had also invited the technical school and he told me that there were more students who wanted to participate than they had room for.

When we arrived at the school, the speakers went ahead inside while I was parking the car. What you can see at the photo is the sight I had when entering the school. The event was to take place in the cafeteria which is one floor down and open to the stairway and students had gathered around the banister on the upper floors to be able to at least hear what was being told downstairs.

When I entered the teacher together with the speakers just climed back up the stairs (I stay climed because the stair, too, was filled with students and it was not easy to get up there) because they had not managed to pass through the students downstairs to get to the place where they were supposed to sit and speak. We had to leave the school, walk all the way around it and enter downstairs again to get to our place.

The school had not put any chairs up because this way more students had space there. You can also see the students sit on the stairs and around the banister. Students just everywhere...

And so there was also no way of telling how many students were really participating but we guess that it was something like 400.

The students in the background were standing for 1.5 hours straight. Standing still for such a long time really proved how interesting they thought this was.

The school has automatic windows which close when it rains outside. Having so many people at such a small space with the windows closed (it rained) did not really help the quality of the air inside and so one of the students who had been standing there actually passed out towards the end of the speaches. Thankfully nothing really bad happened and so - after a short break - Terri could go on with her story.

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