Sunday, May 17, 2009


Mai (unfortunately not on the photo) had prepared a barbeque for the night we arrived at Konstanz. But it was raining cats and dogs outside, and she was really disappointed. So we had to fit into a small room which made this evening even more cosy. Just great evening with lots of new friends from Amnesty Konstanz.

A little bit of sightseeing in Konstaz with Rainer and Roswitha from Amnesty Konstanz on Sunday, May 10th

Very close to the center of Konstanz there is the border to Switzerland. So we all walked there and on the photo you can see Terri and Ray with one foot in Switzerland while the other one was still in Germany.

Public speaking event in the evening of May 10th

People waiting to sign petitions

Terri, Ray and Bill with the people from Amnesty Konstanz who hosted the event

Most of the times after a public event the speakers and the hosts (and me when being there as well) were sitting together for a little while. this time, in Konstanz, this was in the appartment of Rainer.

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