Saturday, May 16, 2009

Ray Krone and Ron Keine:
The twins

Before the tour started we needed a photo to advertise for it.

So during the NCADP conference in January I tried to get the speakers to take a photo. Unfortunately at this time we were not sure who of the exonerees would come plus Ray was not available at the time the photo was taken.

So I asked Ron Keine to pose for the photo and respresent all the exonerees in it just as Terri was respresenting all death row family members and Bill all victim family members.

This photo is all over Germany on posters, flyers but also in newspaper articles now. There is no names standing underneeth it though (n purpose). But naturally we did give the names of our speakers in the articles.

During the tour there was a sentence Ray got to hear quite a bit: "You look so much different from what you look on your photo!"

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