Thursday, May 07, 2009

COLORADO Update: Just in case anyone is here & wants to pray?

Jim and June joined me (Abe)as the first arrivals at the Colorado Statehouse for the Vigil for Justice for the Murder Victims Families of Colorado. June's son was murdered in the 1980's in an as yet unsolved case. "What people don't understand," she says, "is that once its a year old its a cold case. Its not just people like us."

Colorado Hearing
Senate President Peter Groff makes an impassioned speach saying, "this is an easy vote. This is the right thing to do." The bill lost with a 17 to 18 vote.

Paul Weissman, House sponsor, talks with supporters. "We've put incredible pressure on law enforcement to do more on cold cases... Next year."

Find out more - see more photos: CLICK HERE

EARLIER PLEA - Slightly modified from Abe Bonowitz...

Today, May 6 is the final day of the 2009 Colorado Legislative Session. Coloradans Against the Death Penalty has been offering an all day presence at the Colorado Capitol in support of HB-1274.

HB 1274, the "Cold Case Bill," repeals the death penalty and redirects the funds saved to the Colorado Bureau of Investigation's Cold Case Unit for the purpose of resolving unsolved homicides. It is a primary effort of the Colorado organization, "Families of Homicide Victims and Missing Persons"

Start Time: 8:45am MDT (10:45am EDT)
End Time: Midnight, or when the bill passes (or dies) in the Senate and the House

We are asking for prayer/meditation in solidarity with the Vigil for Justice for the Murder Victims Families of Colorado at the Colorado Statehouse. Please take a few minutes to pray, meditate, or reflect in solidarity with the Vigil in Colorado. Please ask others you know to do the same.

Follow the action in the live blog atHERE

REFLECTION/PRAYER - Adjust as you see fit

"I am in solidarity with the Vigil for Justice for the Murder Victims Families of Colorado going on right now at the Colorado Statehouse. With all of my heart and soul I am (praying/willing) for Justice and Mercy at the State Capitol in Denver, Colorado today. May the Legislators and those who advise them act with wisdom, love and compassion to repeal the death penalty and instead help murder victims families know the truth about what happened to their loved ones by passing The Cold Case Bill, HB 1274."

Thank you for your participation. (See the update above)


Abraham J. Bonowitz
Director of Affiliate Support
National Coalition to Abolish the Death Penalty
mobile: 561-371-5204

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