Sunday, May 17, 2009

Lake Dwelling Museum Unteruhldingen, Lake Constance

Saturday, May 9th was a day off. So I picked the speakers up at Ravensburg and we went to the Lake Constance for a bit of sight seeing. One of the sights there is the Lake Dwelling Museum at Unteruhldingen.

Waiting in the entrance building for the tour guide (one can only enter the museum with a guided tour).

The tour though the museum was really great and interesting. Just this tour guide was talking really fast - I kind of got the impression that he was practising for becoming the fastest talking person in the Guiness book... I tried to interprete while he was talking which worked more or less fine (apart from some other people giving me angry looks because I was talking while he was talking and them wanting to hear the German and not the English version) but had to give up on words like "neolithic" - these are not really part of my everyday vocabulary

Ray trying to peek inside a window. Which worked just fine - only getting his head back out without hitting it on the walls was a bit of a problem

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