Saturday, September 20, 2008

ACTION for TROY-- Right Away!

Troy Anthony Davis is facing Execution in Georgia this Tuesday, September 23 at 7 PM

We need to hold officials to their word when they say such truths as the following:

Georgia Supreme Court Chief Justice Leah Ward Sears recently wrote, "I believe … it's time to examine whether Georgia's current method of enforcing the death penalty and its attending consequences are compatible with the dignity, morality, and decency of society's enlightened consciousness, and is reflective of a humane system of justice."

WELL NOW'S THAT TIME! And before one more--Troy Davis--is gone.

Even if you've signed other petitions, MORE new letters are wanted. Please send your letters (they can be short) to the each of the following Parole Board numbers so that each and all the members will RECONSIDER the recent decision to deny clemency...The letter can be the same to each as I understand this. (It's possible that the online actions for some other groups may be unavailable at this time)

FAX DIRECTLY -- Please Send Letters for Reconsideration to all of these if possible:

Georgia Parole Board Fax Numbers:
(404)-651-8502 (404)-651-6670 (404)-651-5282 (404)-463-6627

Some, including Martina, Troy's sister, are also calling for Mass Letters to US Attorney General (CC to Georgia Attorney General and the White House)

Consider using some of the points made by Bob Herbert just below.

Hold in the light: Troy, Martina, ALL Family & Friends, lawyers, the Georgia officials & others concerned.

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