Sunday, September 14, 2008

Asia Death Penalty Site & Three Recent Executions

Please see the new site that has been added to our short list: Lower Right Column: Asia Death Penalty--the heading reads: The death penalty is a cruel, futile and dangerous punishment, and the Asian region is home to some of the world's leading executioners. This blog provides information about the death penalty in Asia, supporting the campaign to end executions in the region.

Friday, 12 September 2008
Japan: New minister (sent) three to death
Japan's new justice minister has taken time out of the country's current political turmoil to sign death warrants for three men who were hanged yesterday [11 September].

Okiharu Yasuoka approved the execution of three men, all aged in their 60s, just weeks after he was reappointed minister in August.

Yasuoka denied the executions were linked to the expected resignation later this month of the cabinet of prime minister Yasuo Fukuda.

"I screened the cases carefully and strictly, and carried out [the decision] firmly as the person responsible for protecting law and order," Yasuoka said at a media conference announcing the executions.

(This site is worth watching for items we often miss in the US.)

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